Wholesale Wedding Stage Bride Groom Sofa:- We’re a Professional Manufacturer, Exporter, and Supplier of all types of Wedding Furniture including “ Wholesale Wedding Stage Bride Groom Sofa ” well designed and manufactured IN INDIA by DST EXPORTS. This French style rustic handcraft marriage lounge is veritably beautiful and seductive as these are made by our well- trained professionals using high- grade accoutrements . This is the Brand New Sofa for all types of Western as well as Indian marriages. This Furniture is used multipurpose in the marriage for the bridegroom and bachelor sitting purpose on the marriage event Stage and Mehandi Function, and other function. This lounge is principally made for the marriage Stage but it’s also useful for Mehndi Stage and other Function.

This Furniture Set Includes – One Two Seater sofa in crown style. This sofa is made of premium quality teak wood with high gloss polyester finish. It has Leather tufted seats and veritably well gentled. Small chargers are fitted on the reverse of the lounge. We’re using high- quality wood for manufacturing this Furniture. We treat wood four times for perfect finishing. We’re using dry wood to increase the continuity of the lounge. There’s all hand- made figure on this lounge. We’ve a special work- platoon for rustic work. Our Work- platoon is professional in manufacturing Furniture. After making the structure lounge sets are fitted with leather seats and seats are decorated. It’s truly comfortable for the bridegroom and bachelor’s seating purposes. It gives Luxurious at the marriage event. Wedding Furniture is the center of magnet of a marriage stage so it should be tremendous and lovable . This type of cabinetwork is notorious for marriages in fat nations. The reverse of this lounge is high which makes it different from other lounge designs. we tête-à-tête match up these chairpersons with the lounge. A client can also add up other designs of chairpersons with this settee. It’s truly comfortable for seating purposes. We give high attention to the look of this settee. It’s made of treated wood with leather tufted seats and a small demitasse is fitted in it.

Product Name – Wholesale Wedding Stage Bride Groom Sofa
Brand- DST-transnational
Product material- Teak Wood with high gloss polyester polish
Seats- Two Seater with leather tufting
Seat and back-High- viscosity sponger covered with Fabric
Stackable- Most chairpersons are stackable( according to the shapes of chairpersons)
Style-Antique, Morden, classic, simple designs are available for feed and hostel use
Order- Can produce according to guests ’ demands
operation- marriage/ hostel/ feed/ eatery/ family/ inner cabinetwork
Technics- Manual( all handwork/ handcraft)
DST- International brings you traditionally handcrafted marriage Stage lounge Set in decoration Pakistani Style. The units are upholstered in Velvet Fabric with Gold and Silver Polish. The units are all handcrafted by our crafters – all by hand, thereby making these unique. We bring to you handwrought Luxury marriage lounge Set especially made in ultraexpensive quality treated Wood. A traditional design with just the right quantum of fineness is characterized and emphasized in Wooden Sofa Set. Traditional designs in all their substance are utilitarian and precisely drafted to enhance the life of the cabinetwork.

We’ve a variety of marriage settees, lounges, chairpersons, etc. We’re a special manufacturer of marriage rustic essence sculpted cabinetwork. We can make any type of design, any type of sculpturing on settees this settee can give in any shape, size, color as per client conditions. These settees are used multipurpose in the marriage bridegroom and bachelor sitting purpose on the marriage event Stage and Mehandi Function, and other function. It’s Look ultramodern and beautiful. The seat of this lounge is changeable and washable. This cabinetwork is readily available. A client can use this cabinetwork for multipurpose occasions like a marriage, event, anniversaries, decoration, and numerous further events.

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1. We’ve further than 20 times of experience in manufacturing marriage Mandaps with largely professed handwrought tradesmen guarantee of high quality of Product.
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4. We can also supply customized products and services, could design the steed carriage sample according to your idea.
5. We’re making Export Worthy Products & Certified from SGS according to transnational norms.

DST International( A unit of DST Exports) are the manufacturer and exporters of all kinds of marriage Wooden Mandaps. We’re supplying our wedding decoration props worldwide, for the once 20 times. We’re also a technical manufacturer of marriage decoration Products like Mandaps, Stages, Furniture, Back Frames, Dolis, etc. We’re grounded in Patiala, Punjab, India. All Products are made in excellent and import good quality. However, 9186753- 33339, If you want to do any changes to this product you can communicate us on our Whatsapp number 919815224101. You can also make a videotape call with us on our contact no. for close drone- up and see the high- quality of original products. A client can also fluently compare the quality of our products with original merchandisers. We’re making Export good Products. You can also check out further products from our website

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