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Wholesale Victorian Horse Driven Carriage

Wholesale Victorian Horse Driven Carriage

Wholesale Victorian Horse Driven Carriage:– This is the latest horse-drawn carriage manufactured by us. This is an exclusive product of our experienced team. This is Wholesale Victorian Horse Driven Carriage. This carriage is made like luxury cars or tourist vehicle.

This Wholesale Victorian Horse Driven Carriage has a long life and strong body as the Chase and body of the carriage are made with ms steel and wood. We are using superior quality material which makes this carriage durable. This carriage has a Steel frame, welding of metals, with smooth and elegant lines. Wheels are made of treated wood and design by self. We are using dry wood for the long life of carriage. We have a special work-team for wooden work and to customize wheel rims, which is made according to all the relevant properties and parameters are in line with international standards. This carriage has Solid rubber tires that are wear-resistant, high temperature, and corrosion-resistant, anti-static, the tires are available more than 10 years. This Carriage has an excellent brake system – Hydraulic foot brake and hand brake. Steering is very soft moving like power Steering of cars and made of wood and steel. This carriage is lightweight and suspended on elliptical springs.

The Royal coaches and carriages are either driven by coachmen from the box seat or postilion-driven, which gives the Royal passengers a better view from the carriages, but also the public a better opportunity to see the Royalties in the carriages. Usually the carriages are drawn by two or four horses, but at special events six horses are used.

This Carriage is painted with senior automotive deco-paint, nice gloss, and brightness, persistence does not fade. Seats are very beautifully furnished with leather foam and crystals. This Carriage has 6 person seating capacity (1 to 2drivers and 5 to 6seats). It can be pulled by one and two horses. This carriage is totally folded and flexible. All the products are pure manual welding, carefully polished, and aesthetically pleasing. This carriage can be made on customized dimensions given by the buyer.

We have a professional team to manufacture carriages. These are all hand-made. This pumpkin carriage can be used for touring purpose or wedding, any other occasion. Mostly we export carriages within 15-30 days after placing order. We have all rights of stuffing containers from our factory. We carefully done triple-layer packing and then stuff our product in a container with proper care and handling. We provide a proper certificate for each and every product known as a fumigation certificate which shows that our products are much better than the standard value of products in all countries. We take responsibility for our goods till the client’s house and all goods are covered under insurance which is valid throughout the world. We do our best efforts to make our goods properly finished and look more elegant than everyone praises about products.


A customer can trust because of 1. We have 75 years of experience in manufacturing carriages and highly skilled handmade craftsmen guarantee of high quality of Horse Carriages. 2. We are the OEM of All types of Carriages. 3. We will provide you High-quality products at a reasonable price. 4. We can also supply customized products and services, could design the horse carriage sample according to your idea. 5. We are making Export Worthy Products & Certified from SGS according to international standards.

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