Project Description

Tamil Wedding Ceremony Decor Vidhi Mandap:- This Fiber marriage Mandap is well- known as Tamil Wedding Traditional Manavarai Mandap/Stage. This Mandap is well designed and manufactured by DST- transnational.

DST- transnational( a unit of DST Exports) is famed for manufacturing fiber masterpiece mandaps so now we’re presenting our “ MANAVARAI MANDAP ”. These Mandap Pillars are beautifully designed and hand- sculpted. This is a Hindu Marriage Mandap which is made for performing Indian rituals on a marriage occasion. This Mandap is made of Unbreakable Fiber- glass.
Product Details;-

We’ll give full mandap setup( as shown in snap) – Four Pillars with full Manavarai Structure in the middle as shown in pic, Two Pillars  with Top Manavarai Structure (on both sides), Laxmi Ji and Bala Ji Panels, One Fiber Shanku, One Fiber Chakra, +6 Small Fiber Pillars, 6 small fiber Statues( option available – Ganesha/ Diyaladies/ Flower- pots) for Walkway Decoration, Mandap Chairs ( option available – Wedding sofa marriage lounge) for seating purpose on mandap form, Background curtains 10 x 30 bases, Havan Kund/ firebox, Carpet for mandap and walkway area. A client has two option either using it as mandap( as in the first snap) or uses it as marriage stage
Mandap specification

We’re using high- quality Fiber in manufacturing the mandap. marriage Mandaps are painted with superior quality deco- makeup. This Mandap is completely foldable and all mandap accessories can be used independently. These Mandap Pillars are Self- Standing. These Mandaps are easy to install and assemble. We’ll give Essence Pipes which makes it easy to install and assemble. A client can set up this mandap within 15- 20 twinkles with 3 or 4 man powers. We’ll also give mandap setup vids that make it easier to install this mandap. Our products are largely admired for their quality and designs. For Betterment of quality, we’ve done all the waterproofing also sandpaper rubbing on each product to give them more perfect finishing and smooth texture on joint as well as Product. Each of our products undergoes numerous quality checks to insure that you’re served with the veritably stylish. After all, quality checks the final makeup is applied on mandap( Color as per client choice).
Mahal Application

This Mandap Set can be used at Hindu marriages, Western marriages, Muslim marriages, Bollywood marriages, Gujarati marriages, Tamil marriages, South Indian marriages, Asian marriages, Outdoor marriages, Beach marriages, Destination marriages, Punjabi marriages, Srilankan marriages, Rajasthani Theme marriages and numerous further. This Mandap can be made on customized confines given by the buyer. We’ve a professional platoon to manufacture marriage Mandaps. These are all hand- made.
Export Detailing

substantially we export mandaps within 15- 30 days after placing order. We’ve all rights of stuffing holders from our plant. We precisely done triadic- subcaste quilting and also stuff our product in a vessel with proper care and running. We give a proper instrument for each and every product known as a fumigation instrument which shows that our products are much better than the standard value of products in all countries. All products are certified by SGS according to transnational norms. We take responsibility for our goods till the customer’s house and all goods are covered under insurance which is valid throughout the world. We do our stylish sweats to make our goods duly finished and look further elegant than everyone praises about products.
Packaging And Shipping-

All Products will be packed in Export quality. It has triadic subcaste quilting. These Products are packed originally in bubble papers. also packed in cardboard. also wrapped in polythene paper. After these are packed in rustic created.
Payload according to the volume of order LCL/ FCL

A client can trust because of 1. We’ve further than 20 times of experience in manufacturing marriage Mandaps with largely professed handwrought tradesmen guarantee of high quality of Product. 2. We’re the OEM of All types of marriage Mandaps. 3. We’ll give you High- quality products at a reasonable price. 4. We can also supply customized products and services, could design the steed carriage sample according to your idea. 5. We’re making Export Worthy Products & Certified from SGS according to transnational norms. We’re just not manufacturing mandaps for our business but we’ve a vast collection of marriage decoration particulars.
Our main manufacturing products are like marriage Mandaps, marriage Stages, Wedding Furniture, Wedding Dolis, Wedding Stage Backdrop Frames and Panels, Wedding Horse Drawn Carriages, and numerous decoration particulars. We’re manufacturing high standard products and export them worldwide like the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand, Nigeria, Ireland, Uganda, Fiji, and Netherland, France. For further information of this product, you can communicate us our WhatsApp number 919815224101, 9186753- 33339. You can also make a videotape call with us on our contact no. for close drone- up and see the high- quality of original products. A client can also fluently compare the quality of our products with original merchandisers. We’re making Export good Products. You can also check out further products from our



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